Who said learning Spanish was difficult?

Whether you’re a student or a professional, come to Málaga and learn Spanish while having fun! Enjoy our wonderful weather, beaches, museums, food and friendly people. In our courses you can immerse yourself in the Spanish culture through activities, field-trips and more!


More than a Course

In addition to Spanish courses, Oléolé offers a variety of complementary services that will make your stay in Málaga much easier, so you only have to worry about learning Spanish and enjoy your experience.

Not sure of your level?

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What Our Students Say

Studying in Oléolé has been a fantastic experience! The atmosphere in class was very nice and I have met many classmates. Learning Spanish is easier than ever thanks to Oléolé.

From Germany
I recommend Oléolé because their teaching method is unlike any other school. If you do not want to spend hours and hours sitting with a textbook and listening to somebody else, Oléolé is for you!
From Taiwan
I was really happy that I could study at Oléolé. Teachers are very professional and the class was well organized. I could improve my Spanish for a short time and it was a great time. I would definitely come back there again to study Spanish!
From Japan

Explore Our Courses


Designed to learn the language as quickly as possible, intensive courses can also be perfectly combined with some leisure time as the lessons usually take place in the mornings.

Evening Classes

This courses are ideal for those who may be busy with their studies, internships or work during the day, for those who want to learn Spanish a bit slower and more gradually than with intensive courses, or for those who simply love Málaga’s evening breeze better than the hot sun!


We know you’re very committed to learn Spanish if you enrol our one-on-one classes, and that’s why we let them be as flexible as you need them to be. Tailored to your schedule and interests, you’ll learn Spanish with the best teachers on these 1-on-1 classes.

Spanish for Professionals

At Oléolé School we are aware of the busy lifestyle of professionals; therefore, we offer our Spanish courses in the place and at the time that suits you best. We customize all courses, adapting them to your specific needs and preferences.

Spanish for Students

If you're a student trying to easily slip learning Spanish into your academic schedule, we are the language School you've been looking for.


More than just a joyful place

Experience the joy of learning Spanish in Málaga's iconic Malagueta neighborhood.